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Loubna Ayouch, a Moroccan stylist in Mandela's country

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

South Africa: Johannesburg - "Color is the engine of my creativity and the energy of my work". It is in these words that Loubna Ayouch, a Moroccan designer living in South Africa, summarizes her passion for her art. 

From her studio nestled on the green hills of Dainfern, a posh district between Johannesburg and Pretoria, the two big metropolis of South Africa, Ms. Ayouch proudly underlines that the colors, architecture and scents of Morocco have never left his imagination. 

"I grew up in an environment where interior design is important, hand-crocheted embroidery and sewing. I have always wanted to do things differently, to stand out, "says the stylist.

Always inspired by the singular cultural and civilizational heritage of his home country, the artist continues to gain notoriety in the rainbow country. A notoriety that came to light during the South African Fashion Week, held last week at the Sandton City Mall in Johannesburg. 

In front of many fashion lovers, the Moroccan designer has spread all her genius and her art, with a majestic collection bearing the seal of the Moroccan tradition. 

From the colors to the cups bathed in the authenticity proper to her country of origin, to the famous slippers, the stylist took the audience on a journey that transcends borders to a world of beauty and tranquility.

"Each painting becomes a journey where I lose all sense of reality and time and where the millennial heritage of my country remains my compass, my landmark," says this artist, whose work is always focused on women, to be intelligent, elegant, generous and fragile. 

Ms. Ayouche left Morocco 20 years ago to travel the world: from France to Great Britain and Russia before settling in the rainbow country. But, as she points out, "Morocco has never left me". 

Painting on the fabric remains the vocation of this graduate in English language and literature that nothing seemed to predispose to navigate the paintings, painting characters or landscapes while ensuring the preservation of the subtle balance between tradition and modernity.

The artist does not hide his happiness at seeing his silk models worn as works of art. From cutting to painting or embroidery, she closely supervises all the stages of the production of her works, that she wants an open work on the creation while respecting the authenticity. 

After distinguished participation in numerous exhibitions in England, France, Switzerland and South Africa, the stylist now owns a fashion house, Loayo Art & Creation, which has managed to win in the Nelson Mandela's country. 

In his free time, the Moroccan artist prefers to indulge in another passion that is his: painting. She is also a sculptor and photographer.

"Painting has always been a big passion for me," she says, recalling that her paintings were sold for the first time in London in the year 2000. 

For her, the inexhaustible Moroccan heritage remains her weapon and her base from which she sets off in her conquest of the fashion world in South Africa. 

"This is a world where competition is fierce," she says, pointing out that the Moroccan stamp allows her work to be both unique and unique in the far-off lands of southern Africa. 



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